Palpable Computing at the IST Event 2006

Europe's leading IT-researchers defied rain and cold to take part in the conference IST Event 2006 in Helsinki. PalCom's participants were no exception.


After weeks of intense preparation, PalCom's exhibition team traveled to Finland to introduce the European research community to palpable computing.


The Helsinki Exhibition Centre is a mekka for those interested in gadgets and digital devices. The place is swarming with robots, 3-D screens, high-tech sound equipment and, of course, being on the company's home territory, all the latest in mobile phone technology from Nokia. In short, all that a technology enthusiast's heart could desire. The only minus is that only a few of the devices at the stands can be found on the shelves in shops. The exhibition is in fact part of the Conference IST Event 2006, where researchers from all over Europe display their prototypes and experimental materials.

Swimming pool attracts visitors

As one of the biggest projects in the category "Future and Emerging Technologies", of course PalCom should participate in the IST Event 2006. And PalCom researchers' contributions are so eyecatching that most passers-by stop to take a look. Although the 12-square-metre stand is situated between robots looking like alligators and a demonstration of thought-controlled computers, it still manages to attract the most guests.

The new magazine flies off the shelves

Besides the exhibition materials, PalCom researchers have also brought a profile magazine with them to Helsinki. After two months of planning, writing and editing, the PalCom profile magazine has its debut at the IST Event 2006. With its 48 pages of thick paper and silver grey cover, the magazine is a pleasure to hold and leaf through.

Last Modified: 16 March 2007, PalCom