PalCom magazine is on the street

A new magazine about PalCom has had its premiere. With its 48 pages it is rich source of information for researchers, professionals, journalists and others who are interested in the project and palpable computing

At IST Event 2006 on the 21st of November 2006 PalCom's new profile magazine had its debut. Without doubt it has been received well: Almost 500 people brought an edition of the PalCom magazine home from the prominent research conference. Today everyone interested can read the magazine online or order a print copy to be sent by mail.

From vision to results

The new publication is 48 pages long and divided into three sections that capture the work of PalCom.
The first section provides basic insight into the project, its goals and how PalCom's 100 researchers envision a new concept for pervasive computing: palpable computing.
The second section looks into the prototypes and applications that the project builds for various fields; for example landscape architecture, healthcare and emergency response.
Lastly, a section is devoted to the outcomes of PalCom and how project partners plan to make use of results and technologies.

Getting the Magazine

Last Modified: 15 March 2007, PalCom