Cyclic development

To a large-scale, multidisciplinary development project like PalCom needs a carefully prepared design strategy to achieving success.

The general idea behind PalCom’s design approach is to have a continuous interplay among all the main activities of the project. Here the general design of a conceptual framework and a toolbox contributes to the specific design of the project’s six application prototypes – and vice versa.

Iterative design process

The development within the PalCom project takes place through a series of consecutive cycles of development where ideas are tried out and lessons learned are propagated back.

As the uncertainty is highest in the beginning of the project, the cycles are initially quite short and the focus is on development and evaluation of mock-ups, exploratory prototypes and proofs-of-concept prototypes.
Later on they become longer and allow for the development of more in-depth or experimental prototypes.


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