Knowledge sharing

The wish to aid exchange between project participants is reflected in PalCom’s organization. With its matrix structure the project aims to ensure collaboration across professional, institutional and national borders

In PalCom the work is organized in a matrix where research activities overlap. This is to illustrate that a project activity, for example an application prototype, never stands alone:

A PalCom prototype always contributes to the general developments of a concept and software architecture for palpable computing.

In practice this exchange takes place at monthly workshops and seminars where PalCom participants from different research institutions meet and design in collaboration. 

Traveling architects

One of PalCom’s most important initiatives when it comes to internal collaboration is ‘the Traveling Architects’.

Since spring 2005 a group of computer scientists and software engineers have been visiting project partners all over Europe to get input for the development of the PalCom software architecture.

So far the technique has proved very successful in improving communication among project partners and enhancing the quality of the software architecture.

In 2006 PalCom researchers presented a paper on the Traveling Architects concept at the Second International Conference on the Quality of Software Architectures.

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