The PalCom Project

PalCom is short for ‘Palpable Computing’. It is a research project funded by the European Union (IST 002057). The project brings together around 100 researchers from all over Europe.

With technologies becoming more and more pervasive in our everyday lives, PalCom has made it its goal to deliver new development tools and a new approach to designing information systems that fit to the age of pervasive computing.

The objectives of PalCom are, among others, to make systems capable of being noticed and apprehended. Palpable systems support people in understanding what is going on at the level they choose, and they support control and choice by people being able to inspect and remedy system failures.

When the project terminates by the end of 2007 the outcomes will be:

  • a conceptual framework for palpable computing
  • an open architecture
  • a toolbox that researchers and professionals may use to develop new palpable devices and services.

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