Palcom Partners

The competencies involved in PalCom are very diverse, including for example work analysts, interaction designers, industrial designers, architects, software developers and software architects. In order to find the best organisations within these domains, it is necessary to work on a European, not just a national, level.

PalCom involves a hundred people joined from 21 partners from universities and industries all over Europe


UAA - The computer science department at University of Aarhus

Communication Science Department University of Siena

The Computer Science department at Lund University

Malmö University

Lancaster University - The department of Sociology in Lancaster            

Aarhus School of Architecture (AAA)

Kings College, London University

Distributed Programming Laboratory, EPFL


Whitestein Technologies AG

The Alexandra Institute, Aarhus, Denmark



Region Midtjylland

Edaw, Edinburgh

Lovejoy, Birmingham

Malmö hospital

Rehab. Sienna

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