PalCom Downloads

The following links point to the various forms of download and check-outs of the PalCom software, which are described in the main page at the left of this box.

PalCom Binaries and Open Source

The PalCom software can be used in various forms:

Firstly we suggest that you download and try the demos on the Try It page,  thus familiarizing yourself with the ideas and most important technical terms in the software.

All the binaries and open source files are provided under the BSD license:

If you experience any problems with the deployed code, please contact

Binaries: Out of the box use

You can download the PalCom box, a package allowing you to experiment with assemblies of predefined services. The PalCom box does not include any source code, and using it does not require any Java programming.

To get started, see section 7 of the Developers companion.

Zipped archives to download:

Open Source: Download as one file

As of November 5 2007 the PalCom software is available as open source under the BSD license.

As explained in The PalCom Subversion Repository, below, you can check out the system under version control, enabling the possibility to update your copy with the latest changes at any time.

If, however, you just want to try working with the PalCom open source software, and would prefer a simpler way to get it, you can instead download the following file, which is a Zipped archive of the full open source developer tree. It also contains the full contents of the Out-of-the-box package.

To get started with the software, see the Developer page.

Open Source: The PalCom Subversion Repository

The Palcom Software can be checked from the PalCom Subversion repository.

The software can be built on Linux, Macintosh (OSX), and Windows (using Cygwin). You can build the software using either command line tools, or the Eclipse development environment.

For a very short introduction to Subversion, a general description of the PalCom Repository, and instructions on how to check out the software from the command line, see

For instructions on how to use Eclipse to check out the software, see

To get started with the software, see Guides for Developers.

Notice that you will get a "read-only" checkout this way, that is, the files can be changed, but you cannot commit your changes to the PalCom repository.

We expect to allow for external contributors  - please refer to Contributing Code.

Start Developing with the PalCom Toolbox

Once you have dovnloaded or checked out the PalCon software, you are ready to install the system and start developing with the PalCom Toolbox. This is further explained on the Developer page.

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